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          Designing connections

          Authentic. Innovative. Rebellious. At Ivie, we believe in doing things a little differently. Rather than push commercial ideas to the masses, we help you make meaningful connections through brand consulting and packaging design that truly speak to your customers. Discover services that come with a deep retail heritage, offering strategic and holistic solutions that bridge the present, and the future.

          Ivie has proven expertise in brand creation, packaging design and shopper engagement.


          Unfolding desire

          Effective packaging is a combination of two elements – a detailed understanding of shopper behavior and bold visual appeal. It’s a powerful vehicle that personifies the brand. Ivie has won numerous awards for packaging design, making it an independent design agency with a respectable retail heritage. This comes from a commitment to go beyond conventional design, exploring concepts that are not just visually arresting, but those that create sensorial experiences. By merging form and function, by engaging the senses, we turn wants into needs to create desire.

          Ivie specializes in packaging for major CPG / FMCG companies and global retail brands. Our end-to-end packaging services include all aspects of branding, graphic design, structural design, production artwork, pre-press and print management.


          Our strategic approach to brand design and consulting begins with:

          Insights & Analytics

          Brand Architecture

          Identity Creation

          Packaging Evolution


          Experiential Marketing

          New Media


          From strategy to share of mind

          Your brand has a story. It’s our job to tell that story in a way that’s honest, current and impactful. The goal is to help your brand own a larger share of mind. To be the first name customers think of and carry from the shelf. Every strategy sets a creative vision that facilitates a long-term relationship between your brand and consumer, because ultimately, it’s about breakthrough solutions that stay relevant through changing times and trends.