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          Latest News
          World Brand Design Society Best Agency 2021/2022 Announced! Ivie ranked China’s Top 3

          Ivie China raced out of 2022 strongly, taking home a Silver award for The Pompadour at the World Brand Design Society Awards. Kudos to our team for delivering such outstanding creativity. Your hard work has not only received international recognition, but also placed us on the world map, ranking #63 in the World Brand Design Society Best Agency Design Ranking 2021/22.


          We cannot be even prouder as Ivie China is one of only 5 design agencies from Greater China to make it into the list. Despite a year filled with challenges and uncertainties, we are glad that our perseverance and hard work paid off. We are also forever grateful to all our clients who have placed their trust in us. Thank you!


          World Brand Design Society Best Agency Design Ranking 2021/22 ranking represents the most awarded and leading design agencies and studios in the field of consumer and corporate brand design in 2021/22.


          Find out more at https://worldbranddesign.com/best-agencies-2021-22